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A Great Swing Starts With a Great Grip

It sounds like such a simple thing, just grip the club. But it is not that simple!

Most golf instructors and professional players will tell you "if your grip isn't great your swing won't be either". The golf grip is the foundation of the rest of your game.

The three common grips are:

Overlapping Grip

The most common of all grips is also known as the "vardon" grip. In this grip you position your pinkie finger of one hand into the ridge between the other hands index and middle finger. This grip works very well for players with larger hands.

10-Finger Grip

The 10-Finger Grip is not commonly used by professional golfers, but it is becoming the grip of choice for newcomers to the game. The good thing about this grip, and what can make it a powerful grip, is in the name: all 10 of your fingers have a grip on the club. It's also a good choice for players with small hands.

Interlocking Grip

To use this grip you start with the 10-Finger Grip and then interlock your pinkie finger into the index finger on your other hand. This grip keeps both hands very close together, and can give your golf swing more power.

If you are just getting started in the game of golf, you can ensure you have a good foundation and shorten the time you need to be ready to play on the course by signing up for a group academy or camp. Click to see the dates for our upcoming Academies & Camps.

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